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Monday, February 20, 2012

Upcoming events and links

The First Presbyterian Church of Trenton will be having an 18th C dinner & ball on Sat nite Feb 25.
The Church Pastor, John Allen is an excellent cook. Some of his offerings will be:
butternut squash soup, Martha Washington's fricasse chicken. roasted vegetables, ham & biscuits.
Dancing & live music by Anne & Ridley Enslow will take place after the dinner.
Ticket information can be found at www.old1712.org click on calendar & events page.
The Church is celebrating 300 yrs in 2012.
Sadly it has been vandalized several times in the past month by thieves collecting metals to scrap.
Please pass this message on to anyone who may be interested in a fun & delicious evening.

Sunday Lecture Series
Burlingon County Historical Society
2/19 - Archaeology at Timbuctoo, Dr. David Orr
3/18 - Joseph W. Clifton, genealogical mystery story Sydnew Cruice
4/15-Women in the Civil War, Betsy Estilow
5/20- Brewery Restoration, John Brady
6/17 - Archaeology at Fieldsboro, Dr. Richard Veit

Sunday, February 19, 2012

President Lincoln in the Hospital!

If you went to the Indian King Tavern yesterday, February 18, 2012, you probably heard that the history re-enactor who portrays President Lincoln had been taken ill with pneumonia and was in the hospital. Some Civil War afficianados who had come to the open house specifially to see Lincoln left, many others stayed and were rewarded with an excellent talk given by Dr. Garry Wheller Stone on the Revolution in Haddonfield and environs. His talk was a detailed chronological account of the battles as the war entered New Jersey. He also gave interesting information regarding the commanders and militia.
The event was well attended by an interested and informed audience, it was a full hosue, capcity crowd. For those of us who are Revolutionary War period history buffs, it was an unexpected treat. My only regret was that my other Whitall House docents weren't there to hear this talk.
I am a docent at both sites, Indian King Tavern and James and Ann Whitall House, Red Bank Battlefield, National Park. I also work as a volunteer transcribing for the Gloucester County Historical Society Library and have just completed putting Ann Whitall's diary onto the computer with some notes for those who have an interest in her account.
Today, I'm off to the Burlington County Historical Society to hear a talk on Timbuctoo. I'll be going with a friend, Loretta Kelly, who is chief preservationist for the White Hill Mansion in Fieldsboro. More on that when we return. If you plan to go, the event is scheduled to begin at 2:00
and the Society building is on High Street in Burlinton. Hope to see you there!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

President Lincoln at the Indian King Tavern!

Today, Saturday, February 18, 2012, President Lincoln will visit the Indian King Tavern and give a short presentation at 2:00. Sorry for the short notice, I've been so busy going to historic places and doing things in the hsitoric community, that I delayed updating the blog until today.
I'll be there in costume along with all the regular volunteers, so if you see this in time, or if you are on an e-mail notification and already knew about it, I hope you will come on over and say hello.
The Indian King Tavern is on Kings Highway, in Haddonfield, just north of the main part of town.
The link is one of my favorite writers on local history, Hoag Levins. He has a great essay on the lost cemeteries of Camen County too, and I've visited many of the cemeteries he has written about in his essay.
I'll write about the visit after I come home from my volunteer day there.