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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Maple Shade Presentation on Stiles history

In the 1970's there was a saying "The Personal is Political." I'd like to adapt that to "The Personal is Historical." I spent several years of my adolescence living in Maple Shade, New Jersey and so I was interested in attending a workshop held there.

Yesterday, on Saturday the 26th of February, at the Burlington County Historians' Roundtable, a number of upcoming events were announced and I decided to attend one that was to be held today, Sunday, February 27th, 2011. The presenter, Dennis, had done an enormous amount of research over several years on deeds, founding farm families, and historic houses of Maple Shade. Here is his website:

His focus today was on the Stiles family. Check out his site to find out more. He has a great deal of information on his site and pictures of a house that I went to see after the presentation,the Collins House. I had passed that house many times in my childhood and I knew it was an old farm house. I'm glad to see that with so many other historic houses disappearing, this one has been saved.

Also, Maple Shade has a delightful one-room schoolhouse worth visiting as well. I finally got to go inside on one of the Burlington County Historical Society's field trips a couple of years ago. It was an all day trip to more than a dozen one-room schools. The woman who gave the tour this year, whose name, unfortunately, I didn't catch, was the person who introduced the presentation at the Maple Shade municipal center today. She is a member of the Colonial Dames.

At the presentation today, I ran into Robert Fisher-Hughes, preservationist at two other wonderful houses in Pennsauken, Burrough-Dover and Griffith-Morgan. I decided to drop by one of them before I went home.

Hope you enjoy Dennis' link (sorry I didn't catch his last name either.)

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  1. Hi. The site is back up again as mapleshadehistory.com -Dennis