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Sunday, August 21, 2011


This summer I haven't been posting but that doesn't mean I haven't been visiting historic places. In July, I visited White Hill in Fieldsboro for the archaeological dig by Monmouth University. Loretta Kelly is the head of the ongoing effort to preserve this beautiful and historic house. It was the home of Mary Field and the site of occupancy by Hessian officers during the Revolutionary War.
Most recently, this week, in fact, August 20, I visited Atsion Mansion, which was open for tours and included a tour of some istes in the woods, given by Barbara Solem, author of the well-known and popular book Ghosttowns of the New Jersey Pinebarrens and other Quirky Places.
Renowned New Jersey archaeologist Bud Wilson was on hand for the house tour as was the architect who presided over the recent renovation of the mansion.
Photographs were not permitted, but I managed a few before the group was advised not to take any.
Other highlights of the summer ncluded a visit to the Inidan King Tavern of Dolly Madison on one of their Open House days in July. Her Uncle, Hugh Creighton was one of the proprietor's of the Tavern and the descendants of the family donated a bed in which Dolly Madison is alleged to have slept during her visits to her Haddonfield relatives.
Anyone interested in the Civil War may want to go to Camden County College for a lecture series:
Call 856-227-72200 ext 4330 for more info.
Hope to see you there!

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