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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Roundtable and Batsto Christmas 2011

Today, a friend of mine who does tour guiding in Philly for the Assoc. Tour Guides of Philly, and I drove through the pines to go to the Victorian Christmas at Batsto Village. I heard about the event at the Burlington County Historians Roundtable yesterday, Dec. 3, when it was held at the Cinnaminson Library. It is always informative and this month, we learned how to protect old photographs from an expert.
Getting to Batsto now is a little tricky since the bridge is still out and we got lost in the woods, circling Green Bank at least twice before helpful locals got us on the right path, but too late for the tour. I had taken the program and tour last year, so I wasn't as disappointed as my friend who hadn't been for years, but she was happy when we went to the post office in Batsto village and she was able to send her daughter a letter with the history of the post office and it's unique hand-cancellation.
We did go to the General Store exhibition in the main room beside the post office and it was delightful. Linda Stanton had arranged it and she was there and was able to point out the order of the displays for us, the raw materials for the foods provided in the pinelands such as cranberries and blueberries. Real food was available as well, home-made cookies provided by the Batsto Citizens Committee and other history volunteers. There was never a more beautiful day for hiking in the pines and visiting the village.

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