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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Shellpile, New Jersey

On Friday evening, January 13, two friends and I set off for Port Norris for "Tides and Skies" a big event held at the Delaware Bayshore Discovery Project site. A series of old oyster sheds have been converted into an art gallery, a cafe' and a museum. I've been there on numerous occasions to hike across the street on the boardwalk into the salt hay marshes especially during bird migration seasons.

On this occasion, it was bitterly cold and very windy and we didn't expect to see many people at the 2nd Friday Open House, though they promised music, and an astronomer who would talk about the night sky and take us outside for a look at the stars.

Nonetheless, the parking lot was jammed with cars and the buildings were thronged with interested and enthusiastic visitors. The oyster bar/cafe' was too crowded for me to even attempt to see if there was any vegetarian food available, but I enjoyed the music and the photography show in the gallery. Also there was a short documentary film in a small room off the gallery and I enjoyed that too. On the 2nd floor, crafters made things for sale and there were craft tables for people to try making stuff.

I bought a historical society scrapbook, some cards made from light house water color painting reproductions, and a pair of alpaca socks which I have since worn and can promise you are very soft and warm.

I had hoped to get there in time to hike the boardwalk and watch the sun set over the marsh but it was too cold and we were too late. It was pitch dark.

Meanwhile, I had borrowed one of my friend's garmin gps and I was so impressed with the way it got us around Yock Wock Road and out to the Bayshore Discovery Project that I just bought one for myself at Pep Boys earlier today.

There will be another event like the one I attended on Friday in a month. It is called Second Friday, and there is a theme for each one.
I was told this was the fourth and that they were all well attended.

My favorite part of the exhibit was the poster boards with oral history commentary from the workers, especially the workers from Shellpile, New Jersey.

I hope you go there and check it out!

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