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Saturday, February 18, 2012

President Lincoln at the Indian King Tavern!

Today, Saturday, February 18, 2012, President Lincoln will visit the Indian King Tavern and give a short presentation at 2:00. Sorry for the short notice, I've been so busy going to historic places and doing things in the hsitoric community, that I delayed updating the blog until today.
I'll be there in costume along with all the regular volunteers, so if you see this in time, or if you are on an e-mail notification and already knew about it, I hope you will come on over and say hello.
The Indian King Tavern is on Kings Highway, in Haddonfield, just north of the main part of town.
The link is one of my favorite writers on local history, Hoag Levins. He has a great essay on the lost cemeteries of Camen County too, and I've visited many of the cemeteries he has written about in his essay.
I'll write about the visit after I come home from my volunteer day there.

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