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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

SAVED-Murphy's Book Loft in Mullica Hill

One of my best finds at Murphy's Book Loft , in Mullica Hill, NJ, was an original copy of Bert Nixdorf's book on bicycle trails in NJ.  At the time, I was very interested in the history of the Outdoor Club of South Jersey and Bert Nixdorf was a founder of that group which has made it possible for many thousands to enjoy the New Jersey pinelands over the years.  Bert has passed away in the last year or so.  There was a memorial on the Outdoor Club's home-page.
As my interests evolved, I was able to purchase excellent books on the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and one of my all-time  favorite magazines, South Jersey Magazine, which stopped being printed in the early 1980's.  Anyone interested in South Jersey history would find back copies of that magazine an invaluable resource.  Also, I've taken many friends there to buy novels and other kinds of books, prints, old copies of magazines (such as the month of a birthday) and sheet music - they have EVERYTHING!
So it was with a heavy heart that I heard, some months back, that the owner was closing down and retiring to West Virginia, .  She said they would be gone by June.  In early June, I stopped by twice, once with a brother looking for novels and again with another friend and we found out that a miracle had ocurred and the owner's grandson was going to take over and update the business.
In the South Jersey section of the Inquirer, Tues. Aug. 2, there is an article about the changes that will take place at Murphy's Book Loft.  It will also house antique shops.  The article mentioned "streetscape improvements"  in Mullica Hill and how the by-pass has fixed some traffic problems in the town. 
I love that main street, especially around the holidays.  It is a Christmas treat  that boosts your holiday spirit, and I've found many inexpensive, charming, and unique gifts there over the years.
I hope to see you there having lunch or tea or shopping for books or antiques one day - Fall is especially charming in Mullica Hill.

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  1. Hello again, JoAnn. In response to your recent email, I said I'd check your blog, and now I have. And whaddyaknow. There's my favorite Cumberland Nail House spike-cutting machine, right at the top!

    Wish I'd got there sooner--it would have been kicks to be the identifier--and to tell you that I even have pictures of the machine when it was still covered by a little protective housing someone put on some years ago, and removed recently for no reason that was ever explained. But your post inspired me to go back into my archive and counter-post pictures of it on the Bridgeton House Tour website. (The Nail Mill Office has been almost routinely on the tour.) Here's the link to the West Side tour slideshow, which you may also enjoy:

    As admin of both this AND the New Sweden Farmstead site, I'm in a special position to hope you'll get the word about the postponement of the New Sweden bazaar, which I saw you mention in your blog. Because we've just received a very hefty restoration grant from Whibco, Inc, that allows us to refurbish the main Farmstead dwelling, the New Sweden Board has decided to postpone the "Bazaar in the Park" till next year, the anniversary of the Swedish landing.

    Great blog. Keep it coming! I hope you'll even highlight the tour as the date gets closer (Dec 1). You seem to get around, but if I can ever lend you some photos, or meet up and tell you more (or have you tell me), let me know.

    Flavia Alaya