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Sunday, October 7, 2012


Even though my painting class (at Perkins Art Center, Moorestown) has nothing (as yet) to do with SJ History, one of the members had done a splendid painting of Kirby's Mill and mills and windmills have always held a fascination for me.
Today, reading the latest issue of Discover Magazine, an ariicle on energy sources, it occured to me that our gyms are great generators of wasted energy.
If we could collect the energy in everyone pedaling stationary bikes, and running on the treadmill all day (like the old horses who powered the ferries across the river or even some mills) maybe they could generate enough energy to run the entire gym!  Any ideas?  Jo Ann
ps.  My daughter's fundraiser was successful. Soon, I'll update with a more complete blog on upcoming events and a few of the places I've visted lately including a one room school.  Next week, the volunteers' History Readers' Club of Whitall House, Red Bank Battlefield, will journey to Morristown to the winter encampment site of the Continental Army.  Also, next week, is 2nd Friday at Bivalve, the Bayshore Discovery Project.  If you've never gone it is a really fun event - it begins about 5:00 p.m. and there is a lecture, music, an art exhibit and the cafe' is open for those who enjoy clams and oysters (other things are available. 
Other events are posted at the ghosttowns site.  I subscribe to their digest and recommend them to anyone interested in Pinelands history. It is a great resource!
The most recent post mentioned the Batsto fest on the 21st which is also the date of the Battle of Red Bank Re-enactment at Whitall House, Red Bank Battlefield, National Park, NJ - our biggest event of the year.  Hope to see you there!

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