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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving, One- Room Schools, candlelight tours 2012

This year, Barbara Solem (author of Ghosttowns and Other Quirky Places of the NJ Pinebrrens) and I went on the 'drive yourself' Burlington County On-e Room Schools Tour.  It was her birthday gift to me, but as we are both retired from education, it was interesting to both of us.

I had taken this tour previous years when they offered the bus and an on-the-bus tour guide which was very nice but much more expensive.  That rip cost $40 per person with a delicious boxed lunch.  This tour was $6 per person (varying by age and so on) and you brought or bought your own lunch.  We took advantage of the location of Clara Barton's school in Bordentown to have lunch in that town and visit the excellent book store.

These little schools touch my heart and I think of my career ancestors, including Clara Barton, who dedicated their lives to developing a literate society in America.  Did we always succeed with every child, of course not, but every teacher I ever knew gave his or her best to the effort.  I'm thankful for all the ones who gave me  tools to become a lifelong learner.

There are many upcoming events:
Candlelight tours abound - Woodstown on the 7th, Whitall House on the 7th and 8th, Indian King Tavern on succeeding Fridays.  And I'm grateful for the kind ladies who put together the luncheons for volunteers this time of year, I'll be enjoying one at Gloucester County Historical Society Library and a Christmas party at Bivalve.  It gives all of us volunteers a chance to talk to each other and learn about  other projects going on at our sites.

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