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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Pottsgrove Connection

Last week, the Whitall volunteers group took a field trip to Pottsgrove Manor in Pottsgrove, Pa.  You may wonder what the connection is between an historic house in Pa. and my blog on SJ.  It's IRON!  The volunteers are interested in all sites that relate to our period and Pottsgove Manor, built in 1752, is certainly our period.  They had a remarkable show of clothes from the Colonial period in each room, displayed on dress dummies, depicted both male and female attire. 
John Potts was an ironmaster who established several iron forges in Pennsylvania.  Incidentally, those of you who have visited Batsto or Atsion are aware that Pennsylvania was the cause of the demise of the iron industry in the Pines of New Jersey.  They had ready access to hot burning coal whereas we were forced to denude our forest lands and make charcoal to keep our forges ablaze. 
Washington used Pottsgrove Manor as his headquarters for a period during the Revolutionary War, as well.
The clothing display, comprised of both recently sewn authentic replica clothing and original 18th Century pieces on loan, will be running from March 8th through Nove. 2nd if you should wish to visit.  We had no trouble finding it and it was less than an hour drive.
Tours are on the hour and stop at 3:00 p.m.  There are places to have lunch in the town of Pottstown, nearby, which was, of course, named for the ironmaster, John Potts  The address is 100 West King Street, Pottstown, Pa.  Phone 610-326-4014 and website:
Happy Trails!  Jo Ann

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