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Friday, February 20, 2015

Elmer Times Company, Elmer, NJ

Despite the record low temperature today, two friends and I ventured down to Elmer.  We had hoped to visit two places, Talk of the Town Coffee Shop, for refreshment and Elmer Times Company to buy some SJ history books.  Unfortunately, an unexpected late start caused us to miss out on the coffee shop but we were not disappointed by the Elmer Times Company!  

I only wish I had taken some notes because one of the proprietors, who are brothers, told us how many volumes they carry, but I have forgotten.  Just last night, on the phone, making plans with one of my friends, I told her how sorry I was that I hadn't bought the book on Jewish history in South Jersey, that I had seen at the Samuel Azziz Museum in Woodbine.  Fortunately, this book was among the holdings at the Elmer Times Company, so she and I were both able to get a copy.  My hiking pal, Barb Spector has relatives connected to the Bayuk family, one of the pioneer settling families in the Alliance area.

I had met one of the Fosters before at the Genealogical Society of Salem County monthly lectures which I attend sporadically.  Most recently they had offered a lecture on the archaeology of the Wistarburgh Glass House.  I don't drive at night anymore due to a vision problem, so when a fellow volunteer from the Whitall House at Red Bank Battlefield goes, I can go too as he is kind enough to pick me up and drive me there.

Among the many intriguing treasures I saw at the Elmer Times Company were a collection of gorgeous glass bottles, some of which were Clevenger Glass, and a wonderful old typewriter, one of the earliest models I have ever seen.  I have a 1919 Underwood and a 1947 German portable.  

It was a great day thanks to the warm hospitality we found at the Elmer Times Company.  Elmer is fortunate to have these men who have worked to preserve and share the history of their town.  It was through their historical society magazine that I found out about the books they have for sale.  They kindly gave me several back issues of the magazine including one on the churches and one on the old schools, that I very much enjoyed.  

Next trip, I will try to get to Elmer before 1:00 so I can enjoy a coffee at the Talk of the Town before I stop in at the Elmer Times again, to chat and look at the books.

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