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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

HaddonHeights, a great one day excursion

Two friends and I were looking for a fun day close by so we wouldn't run into the Memorial Day traffic this weekend, either traffic going, or coming home.  In addition, our goal is always to get in a hike or a walk with lunch.  So we we went to Haddon Heights and had lunch at the Station Avenue Cafe, which has an all new menu with several vegetarian items.  We had veggie burgers with a salad cup on the side instead of freis as we are all health conscious as well as vegetarian.

Next we went for a stroll along the avenue and stopped in a charming refurbished furniture and antiques shop Medford Company Store of Haddon Heights, where a friendly lady was in the midst of antiquing a desk.  She said they offer classes in antiquing and furniture refurbishing.  They also have estate sales, tag sles, buy outs, cottahge furniture, and chalk-mineral paints (I confess that's a new one on me, I don't know what chalk-mineral paints are, but you could take a class and find out).  

We also stopped in at the Market, a charming old grocery store that has been there for a lifetime.  They had a 25 cent book sale outside that benefited the AWA, so we all bought books both to read and to give as gifts to friends with those interests.  

Last, we walked two sections of the Haddon Heights Park.  I think of them as the cannon section, the Dell section, the baseball section, and the Audubon Lake section.  I think the whole thing is between 3 and 4 miles.  We did the cannon section and the Dell section and called it a day.  The Dell section is where they hold the concerts in the summer and the brochure is out, but more on that later.  I've got chores to do now and shopping for groceries.  No excursions for me today!  

Jo Ann (large type because I and some of my friends are beginning to experience vision changes that make reading small print difficult)
By the way, to re-iterate, I do this blog so people looking for something fun and healthful to do for the day can find some ideas.  If you want to contact me and find the comments section difficult to manage, my email is wrightj45@yahoo.com

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