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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Independent Publishing Continued

Today, Wednesday 11/16/16, I got my proof back from Perfect Communications in Moorestown.  To be honest, I have been a  little over sensitive these days, however, it came to me that I have NEVER paid so much to be so disappointed.  I have bought large ticket items before, a car, a sofa, a piano, a trip, but this was $850.00 and I am disappointed. 

1.  Unfortunately, DPI called me last week but it was too late.  I had already accepted Perfect Communications bid and turned over my files and we were in the process.  DPI however, bid $200 less!  I wish I had been more patient but I was in a hurry.  I had a couple of reasons to want this more quickly, and so I pushed on and didn't get the best bid.  First my 71st birthday was coming up and my Riverton Writers' Club was being held at my house, and my high school reunion group that meets informally every other month was getting together in December.  I wanted the book for all of these occasions. 
Well, I won't have it for them anyhow.

2.  The proof of the book was NOT paginated, there was no blank cover in the front or back, it went straight from cover to text, and my copyright and acknowledgements was left off. 

3.  I do not feel as though they wanted to do this book at all and that I was just an inconvenience, so I won't ever be going back to them again.  Customer Service is GONE.  I did speak with a nice man about the proof this morning and he said he would make the changes.  I am hoping my daughter can open the pdf and check it.  My helper has been imposed upon enogh.  My daughter is coming to visit today and she can open my e-mail on her computer.  My e-mai cannot open pdf.

So discouraging in this time of discouragement.  Trump wins the presidency - and I heard a quote from him on the radio railing against "feminist - dykes from the 7 sister colleges" who are going to be stopped because "if women want to help American then they should have babies and stay home and take care of the house."
Then my auto accident and the people I had the accident with trying to grasp something from it.
Then the news is always so sad.

Oh well, on to better and brighter - the books is in the last stage of the process and will soon be done and over.

DPI explained that they do small projects like mine and Perfect is more for bigger accounts like corporations, so in future it will be DPI in Cherry Hill on Route 70 in the strip mall next to Jaguar dealer. 

I will keep you posted when the final books arrive.

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