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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

55 Parks Project

Here are two new parks project postings. I did say I wouldn't go backwards and use pictures from parks I already visited before I started this project, but I am going to use Monmouth Battlefield because it was so recent.
This week, October 10th, I returned to Parvin State Park and hiked around Thundergust Lake with a friend, Barbara Spector, and my dog, Blizzard. I took Rt. 55 to 47 and then a turn off to the park. There is camping, both cabin and tent and canoeing as well as hiking.
The most interesting information about the park to me, since I'm a big fan of Civilian Conservation Corps History, is that a camp was located here in the 1930's and the young men who worked here, pulled dead trees from the frozen lake, built the beautiful little white bridge and created trails and roads. In fact, the CCC of Belleplain State Park built the housing for the CCC of Parvin. There are many historical markers that tell you the story of this project.
Thundergust Lake like most lakes in Southern Nj is man-made and was made for one of the mills along the Muddy Run in Pittsgrove Township.
Interesting names are connected with this property including that of John Estaugh (of Haddon/Estaugh connection) the first purchaser of the land. He passed it to Captain Richard Parker who sold it to Elemuel Parvin in 1796. For more history check the link.
This fits with my growing interest in mills in South Jersey, founding families, and the waterways and their uses.
Hopefully next week, I'll get to Belleplain.
This is a wonderful time of year to visit the parks! Hope we meet on the trails one day!

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