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Friday, January 25, 2013


This is my postscript to the Hopewell entry.  The connection for me between Hopewell Furnace in Pa. and Batsto and Atsion, is, aside from the fact that Hopewell is so well preserved and shows a complete picture of the iron process, that iron in the pines was eclipsed by Pennsylvania when coal took the place of wood and charcoal.  Also, iron ore was more readily mined in Pa. than the bogs could produce it.  However, ironically, Hopewell was put out of business at the time that coal became king for making fire and heat, because Hopewell was built to be close to woods for colliers making charcoal and it was not close enough to railroads and coal mines.  It was a precarious business running a furnace or a forge. 

Hope you can get a chance to visit us at Atsion when the season opens again, or at Batsto, or that you can get to visit both of these and Hopewell too!
Atsion, like many other hitoric sites is closed for the season.  Whitall House opens again April 3rd and Atsion, I believe, opens in May.  Check back again and I'll post the dates when I know them for certain.

Tomorrow, me and my new dog, Trixie, a silver chocolate Lab and an enthusiastic hiker, will be taking the cranberry trail from Pakim Pond to the Ranger Station and back with Barb Solem and her hiking buddy, Oscar.  It's about 6 miles doing the round trip, then we will hike around the pond, too, one of my favorite places in the pines.  I used to love it when I could rent a cabin in the winter - especially in the snow.  I don't think you can rent them in winter anymore.  Not sure...

Hope to see you on the trail!  Winer is my favorite time to hike the woods - no chiggers!

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  1. Chiggers= bad. I am also a history nerd of South Jersey. I just came across your blog tonight and I love it. I also write and know of the people you talk about. The Hopewell Excursion seems like if was a blast. Hope you will be at the Lines of The Pines This Year! Keep up the great work!