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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Little hidden gems

From time to time, I like to branch out from historic places into parks and woods and this entry is another about the little hidden parks I find with my walking buddies.

You may remember an entry about a little park on Clements Bridge Road that was so hard to find, my walking buddy of the day, Barbara Spector, who is also a kind and generous volunteer for animal shelters in this area, drove by the park three times and even stopped for directions before we saw the little parking lot.

Similarly, I got lost at least once before I found this park, which is called Woodbrook Park Trail.  Finally, the way I found it was by using my gps with the address of Auletto Caterers, which is directly across the street from Auletto's.  I was told about the park by a dog walking buddy, Terry, whom I know from Knight's Park in Collingswood.

Speaking of 'dog buddies' I was so lonesome after my great lab Blizzard passed away this summer, that I with the help of the aforementioned Barbara Spector, I adopted another lab.  This one's name is Trixie (after Trixie Bleden - the detective).  She is a 3 year old silver lab, which is a mix of Weimaraner and chocolate Lab.

So far, Trixie and I have hiked the CranberryTrail from Pakim Pond to the Ranger Station at Brendan Byrne and back (6 miles round trip) and Parvin State Park Trail, Haddon Heights Park, Newton Creek Park, Cooper River and Kinghts Park where she met all my former dog walking buddies.  And This little park, Woodbrook, is about a mile round trip.  I can't see what I'm typing here so I apologise for any errors.  There is a pop up ad that is covering the bottom of my post and I can seem to move it away, so I guess that signals the end of this post.  Happy Trails to you!  eventually, we will resume our State Parks hiking.

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