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Friday, April 4, 2014

Where It Used To Be

Back in the 1970's I used to like a Laurie Anderson song that was witty and funny because she gives directions throughout the song via "Where _____used to be."  As in "down by the railroad where the grain tower used to be."
Well, my entry today is about two new places where stores used to be where I used to shop.  
My latest project is to lose weight.  First I had several appointments and tests with a cardiologist due to excessively high blood pressure (for those who know blood pressure,  mine was 226 over 108).  I had tried to lose the weight I had gained over the past 10 years or so, by the usual methods, counting calories and walking but nothing was happening, so my doctor told me I needed to try something different.  He suggested I try Weight Watchers and sign up at a gym.  He also prescribed a new medication, which worked. 
As it happened, when I looked up Weight Watchers near me, I found one at the little shopping center in Bellmawr off Browning and Bell Roads where I used to shop at SuperFresh before they went out of business some years back.  They had a special deal of 10 weeks for $120 for Senior Citizens and I thought that sounded about right.  There used to be a farm owned by the Bell family on that land.
It also happened that a new gym had opened up at the Brooklawn Circle where the old KMart used to be.    They also had a good deal of $10 a month.  My old gym was $40.  And best of all, I quit my old gym because I became alarmed when some things began to hurt that had never bothered me before, a shoulder and a hip.  I thought repetitive stress might be the culprit.  Planet Fitness has a 30 minute total workout room which fits the amount of time I want to spend at the gym and allays my fears of repetitive stress from the hour on the bike and the hour rowing that I used to do.
So a week has passed.  How have I done?  The goal is to try to lose about 2 pounds a week.  If I take off my stated goal, I can earn a lifetime membership to WW.  The first week, following their Simple Start plan (I don't have the points system down yet and with Simple Start, you don't need it) I have lost 3 pounds.  
I did have to do some shopping for different foods but I can honestly say my fridge looks great (it was empty before) and I'm eating well, and feeling good especially about my progress.  I'll keep you informed and who knows, perhaps I will run into you at WW or Planet Fitness one of these days!
Happy Trails!  Jo Ann 

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