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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Lake House in Clayton, NJ

What a great discovery!  A friend, Barb Spector,  and I were on our way home from Barbara Solem's book singing at Bogart's in Millville when Barb Spector asked if I'd like to see Iona Lake.  Now, it is one of those odd things, I had, many years a go, a friend with a farm near there and I often looked for Iona Lake and couldn't find it.  I know, you are probably wsaying, how could you miss it!  But, I did.  Until we drove there yesterday, Saturday, December 20.  What a pretty lake.  We stopped in at the Lake House and the hostess gave us a tour.  There was a very happy Christmas party going on in one room and jolly groups of friends having holiday lunch in other areas.  The view was spectacular.

Of course when i got home I tried to get some history on the lake and whatever mill I presume must have been there for the lake to have been formed but no luck so far.

Meanwhile there was some slightly suspect and familiar scandal/haunting history to be found.  Apparently, at the turn of the century, a Polish family started the hotel and restaurant that has now become Lake House.  However, when prohibition caught up with them, the once popular music and dancing road house became an illegal drinking spot and the tourist rooms became (allegedly) brothel rooms.  Since prostitution often followed on the heels of speakeasies, it is plausible though in no way proven as factual.  Personally, I like the history of old mills better than old brothels.  When I find out more, I'll add it.
Meanwhile, Lake House looks like a very good place to do some holiday celebrating with friends and family. 


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