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Friday, December 12, 2014

Merry Christmas to and God Bless the Volunteers!

On Wednesday, aughor Barbara Solem, and our best pal, Barb Spector visited the Prehistory Museum in Greenwich, NJ.  (located at 46 Bridgeton Rd., Greenwich, NJ 08323 - 856-455-8141)

I had called ahead to be sure someone was there but after meeting these gentlemen, I can tell you that if they say they are open and the museum is manned, you can count on it.  They were so warm and welcoming and knowledgeable and made me think on how much volunteers give to our community. 

WHAT A LUCKY DAY!!!  When we got to the museum, a local oyster dredger out of Bivalve (Port Norris) was there with several jaw parts of a Wooly Mammoth he had dredged up while dredging for clams.  These enormous black fossil teeth were in human hands after thousands of years buried in the silt of the Maurice River.  He planned to sell them to a museum or on ebay.  Not for the first time, I was wishing I had the money to buy them, but I don't and they belong where many people can admire them, anyhow. 
What a treat to be there at just that opportune time.

Barbara Solem is doing research on her next book on the rivers of the NJ Pinebarrens, from the ancient history of the watersheds to the preent.

Other places you can visit at Greenwish are:
Gibbon HOuse, (1730) 960 Ye Great Street

John DuBois Maritime Museum 979 Ye Great St.

Warren Lummis Genealogy and Historical Library 981 Ye Great St.

Potters Tavern Museum W. Broad St.

There is a litle luncheonette but get there early, they close early.

It is a wonderful hike down Ye Greate Street to the Cohansey River and the sad and melancholy ghost of the Shepherd Manor House.  If you go the other way, and walk far enough you will come to the Stone School House, and the 2nd Society of Friends (Quaker) Meeting House.

Merry Christmas to All!ps.  This year a friend bought us tickets to the Hddonfield House Tour - my favorite part of it was the church with a collection of creches and cookies and punch refreshments!  And he company of my friend.

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