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Sunday, April 12, 2015

500 Bassett Hounds in Ocean City AND Rails to TRAILS!

Yesterday, Saturday, April 11, 2015, Barb Spector and I went to Ocean City to find the Rails to Trails at Haven Avenue.  We are following the Rails to Trails book by Craig Della Penna called 24 Great Rail-Trails of New Jersey.  To our dismay, many streets were closed off to automobiles.  Barb carefully threaded her way to 6th and Asbury where we wanted to have lunch at a charming cafe called Arlene's.  It is across from where my grandmother Mabel's apartment used to be before it was torn down a year or two ago.

At Arlenes we asked why the people were all lined up for a parade and we were told it was the Doo Dah Paradw with 500 Bassett Hounds.  I had never heard of this parade and had never imagined 500 Bassett Hounds all in one place, so I was very eager to see this spectacle.

There was the requisite fire engine, followed by a marchng band, a bag pipe band, a HoBo band, a rock and roll group on a flat bed truck, and numerous small town Beauties in the "Miss Ocean City" type display, an open convertible, often a Classic Car, THEN, finally, the promised Bassett Hound Parade.

I cannot imagine a parad eof 500 any other kind of dog - just think of barking poodles or beagles trying to get away or any other kind of dog surrounded by other dogs, a fire whistle and crowds of on-lookers.  The Bassett Hounds faced it all with proud dignity and unshakeable aplomb - truly an admirable breed.

For the day, dogs were once again allowed on the Boardwalk, and the Beach and we took advantage of each with Trixie, my Lab/Weimaraner mix who could match any Bassett for good behavior.  She is a gem.

The Haven Ave. Rails to Trails in contrast was a bust.  There really is no trail, only, we think, sidewalk and street - no good for dog - walking.  We left after I took photos over the fence of the old bus/train station building - charming.

Next we headed to Linwood for what turned out to be a delightful Rails to trails many miles long with many people walking their dogs, biking, or just strolling along.  It was charming and we determined to return for mor walking on another day.  We strongly recommend the Linwood Rails to Trails.  It is off Oak Crest Avenue.  We had to ask directions of a local resident, a lady with a dog who said she walks their frequently.  Our gps got us to Oak Crest, but we were on the wrong end of the street stuck in a cul-de-sac in a housing development.  The bike trail was on the other end of Oak Crest, I think it was East.

Happy Trails - You never know what you'll find when you set off on an ad;venture - and no one EVER expects to run into 500 Bassett Hounds!
Jo Ann
pictures to follow at a later date - I'm off on an adventure to Mullica Hill and I couldn't get my picture transfer working in time.

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