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Monday, March 30, 2015

Marvelous Millville Revisited!

Have you ever tried to figure out how to describe what happiness feels like?  It is easier to describe fear, excitement, joy, surprise, but happiness is more elusive.  On the way home from Millville, on Friday, I felt purely happy and I wanted to write about it on this blog. 

First, my usual hiking pal, Barb Spector, and I went to Wildflowers Vegan/vegetarian restaurant for lunch - never a disappointment and always a good way to stock up on energy for a hike!  My favorite is the power salad, though I used to favor the boisterous black bean burger. 

Then we headed for the Maurice River Bluffs where we hiked the blue trail, then the red, then part of the white trail.  After an hour and a half, we were sufficiently cold and tired to be ready for a nice cup of coffee at Bogart's Coffee Shop and book store. 

First, however, we dropped in at The Thrift Shop, across the street from Bogart's at 129 N. High St.  I have shopped in M A N Y thrift and vintage and 2nd hand shops, whatever you like to call them, and this was by far the most attractive and appealing.  It was evident that a tasteful and thoughtful hand was a work in laying out items to buy.  It wasn't the usual cluttered jumble of tired cast-offs, it was a charmingly arranged gathering of attractive items, 8 of which I purchased!  There were luncheon plates that matched a set of dishes I have at home, and that being the dish most often carried around, mine were long lost and broken.  Barb bought a photograph of cardinals and a frame for a gift.  We were both delighted with our finds and with the kind ladies who were running the shop.  A beautiful young woman was playing guitar and singing while we browsed which added immeasurably to the magic.  .All proceeds go to help rescued and abused animals.  You can drop off donated items there for re-sale, call856-300-5705 for more information.

Finally we went across the street to Bogart's and I had a delicious pumpkin spice latte' while Don Shaw sang songs by Neil Young, Linda Ronstadt, Billy Joel, the Bee Gees, and other gifted songwriters.  He has a wonderful voice and plays guitar beautifully.  I sank into a comfy chair with the coffee and enjoyed the free entertainment and thought to myself, "This is heaven."

Hope you find yourself there enjoying some of these pleasures in Millville one day soon!  Meanwhile, Happy Trails!

Oh yes, I almost forgot, I bought a charming rag rug at the FiberArts Cafe in the little cluster of shops that are neighbors to Wildflowers.  The prices are extraordinarily reasonable for hand-made knitted, crocheted and woven goods.  If you need a gift, what a great place to find one!

Jo Ann

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