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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sabrina's Cafe and re-purposed buildings

A place I have grown tolove for lunch is Sabrina's Cafe in Collingswood, on Haddon Avenue in the old Woolworth's Building.  The food has been, in the dozen times I've eaten there since just before Christmas, fresh and delicious.  I had lunch there twice this week, enjoying the cup of soup and half sandwich offer, which is exactly the right amount of food.  The soup was Apple/Pumpkin - scrumptious!  And I had tuna salad, open face on 7 grain bread with fruit cup instead of sweet potato fries.  I love the fries, but still struggling with my tooth problem.  By the way, Sabrina's offers Vegan, Vegetarian as well as Omnivore food choices which is great for those of you who go to lunch with people like me!

Anyhow it can be a bit noisy there when there are crowds of people who aren't respectful of public places, as in one day last week lots of people who are enchannted with the high pitched squeals of their offspring, and were actually applauded when their kids skreeched, and egging them on.  I love kids, but I like polite ones and polite parents.  Anyhow the acoustics can be daunting the but the fresh, well prepared, reasonably priced food makes it all worthwhile.  That's why it is crowded.  Yesterday, it was just as crowded but no loud people or noisy kids, and the noise level wasn't a problem at all.

Snow piling up around here but no power problems.  It is beautiful!  It gives me a great excuse to make a hige pot of vegetable soup, and snuggle up with great books and purring kittens.  It is the first time my kittens saw snow!  My dog, Trixie, being a lab, was leaping like a deer through the drifts in the yard.  She loves it.  Tomorrow I may slide into my snow boots and check out the neighborhood, maybe see if there are any kids with shovels looking for work and money.  They get scarcer every year.

Re-Purposed buildings.  I wanted to mention that the cafe' in the old Woolworth building was the second re-purposed building I've seen recently.  The other was the train exhibit in the old Phillips School in Cinnaminson.  I used to give art classes in the Police Athletic League housed in the re-purposed little Brown Street School.  I love it when good buildings are used and now demolished!

Happy Winter Everyone.  By the way, a great winter sock is WigWam, which I order through amazon.  the best hiking socks for winter I ever wore!

Happy Trails!

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