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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Old Conveyances

I hope I spelled conveyances correctly.  My eyesight is getting poorer as is my hearing, and thanks to the gym, I can still walk a good three miles, but my knees aren't what they used to be.  Along with these minor insults, I seem to have lost my former unerring spell talent.  

Oh well, Today I took the time to change some photos in the columns because I haven't felt like doing that for awhile as my continuing cell phone changes make learning new processes a strain on my creativity.  I get lazy and would rather read than tinker with the downloading and re-formatting, and so on.

The old sleigh is from an antique shop, probably the one in Burlington in the old car shed.  I love that place.  The Stage Coach, of course is from one of the Batsto outbuildings.  I missed their Christmas tours last weekend.  The date just didn't get to me in time, and I do love to go to that - oh well, hopefully next year.  My Christmas outings this year may be limited to the Christmas displays at the garden centers.  I'm going to McNaughton's on Friday and I wrote about the Riverton Christmas store a couple of posts ago.

Nothing freezes anymore so there isn't any ice skating, and I suppose next, we will say goodbye to snow.  Maybe not in my lifetime.  But, I don't want to get all gloomy on you here.  There was one bit of good news in this day, my book is printed and ready for pick-up this afternoon at Perfect Communications.  I told you I would call it less than Perfect, but I suppose a good deal of my dissatisfaction is simply from my not understanding the canges that have taken place since I printed my own books last, a decade ago.  

As I said before, when I had Black Horse printed, they did the whole thing for $700.  This time, it turns out every thing was a la carte - to me it was like going to a restaurant to have a dinner and having the chef tell you you had to bring your own carrots and potatoes, peeled and ready to cook.  I had to re-format my word documents (which I didn't know how to do and had to get a friend to help) and other details I won't bore you with.  Anyhow after I did all that myself, it was $880!  I said I had rarely paid so much for such a disappointing experience.  On top of it, I felt like I was a bother, too small to be worthy of their time and attention.  

It may be the last book I independently publish, or perhaps my daughter will show me how to use the right pdf format from the start.  Who can tell the future - not me!

I'm going to put the Christmas station on the radio, turn on the lights, burn some cedar incense in my German Smoking man, bought at the Nuremmberg Christmas Market in 1970, and get in the spirit of the holidays.

Happy Holidays to you and may your days be Merry and Bright and may you be lucky enough to have found the best timer for your outdoor lights!

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