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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Camden County Historical Society Museum and Library

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 4th, after lunch at the Cooper House with a friend or two, I will be headed over to the Camden County Historical Society where I haven't visted in a few years and where I once worked as a volunteer.

The President of the Genealogical Society of Salem County, Bonny Beth Elwell, is now the Head Librarian and I see from their web site that they have new exhibits and a newly renovated museum area.  

Cooper House is a particularly apt place to lunch before going to Camden County Historical Society because their main historic house, Pomona Hall, is the homestead of the founder of Camden, the original Cooper.  I believe I wrote a blog on him and his sons some time back.  He came from England in the last years of the 1600's and via Burlington, bought land along the Delaware and set up farming.  Pomona Hall has been renovated and there is a very interesting display on the evolution of the house over the years.

At the time that I worked there, I also hunted up the  houses of the original Cooper's sons, Samuel (his house still stands though burned out) and Daniel (his house too was vandalized and burned out after a costly renovation, down on the Point.  And there is one Cooper House behind a big fence that is in good shape and I think was the original Cooper Ferry.  It is in a shipyard.  

I am sorry my information isn't more precise.  It is late and I'm tired, but you and I can both hunt up my original blog posts on this subject for more info.

Tomorrow after my visit, I will let you know how things are at the CCHS, which is located behind Lady of Lourdes, down the road between the hospital and the Harleigh Cemetery.

Happy Trails!  Jo Ann

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