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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Stamp and Scrap and Art for everyone

I found I had begun this post and left it unfinished, so I decided to tidy up.  One of my newest and most enjoyed hobbies has been scrapbooking.  I made a scrapbook for my daughter's 30th birthday because I wanted to give her something special and nothing says love like something you put time into making by hand.  Then, I made a scrapbook for my sister's 50th birthday.

Today, I found a coupon for A. C. Moore and scrapbooks and insert papers were on SALE!  You could get a packet of beautiful designed insert pages and a scrap album for 2 for $10, a good buy.  I have found scrapbook can be very expensive, so I learned to look for sales.  Also, I have found stickers and other accessories at very good prices at the Dollar Store in the Brooklawn Shopping Center, which is where my gym and supermarket are, so very convenient, and the Walmart at the Audubon Shopping Center.  I'm not certain what the address is for A.C. Moore, but I go East on Black Horse Pike past Runnemede, and turn right at the Antique store that has Betty Boop and sometimes, the Blues Brothers statues outside.  Soon the road splits and on the left there is a shopping center with a Babies R Us and A. C. Moore.  If you branch to the right, a bit further down the road there is a shopping center with a Michaels where I have also bought scrapping stuff.

Valentines Day is on the way, and what better way to say to a friend or partner that you love them, than by hand making a Valentine card.  Come on, you know you can do it - you did it in grade school!  Once you have the pad of designer paper, some quality gem stickers and perhaps some heart stickers, you are on your way. I like to include photographs of my friends and I from previous years in mine, such as us hiking in the snow, or on a special occasion.

Another way to indulge or inspire the creative side in you is to check in at Main Street Art on Main Street in Maple Shade and see what fun classes are coming up, or buy a piece of jewelry or artwork for your loved one, or a gift certificate for a class or workshop - now that is creative!  Maybe you could go together!  What a great way to celebrate a birthday too!  

Back in the 1970's I became enamored of rubber stamp art through a wonderful little book I just recently found again while looking for something else, Rubber Soul!  At the time, I was an art student and I really got into carving my own stamps.  I have mentioned before that I love Mail Art and I still like to embellish my envelopes with stamp designs.  Most recently I bought a flock of birds stamp, and a set of snowflake stamps.  

Soon my Valentine postals in the Family History Project will be ready at Belia's Copy Center, and I will stamp them Happy Valentines Day and send them to a dozen or so friends.  If you would like to engage in a postcard share with me, send me a postcard and I will send one to you.  Be sure to include your address however!   Mine is 623 Green AVe., Mt. Ephraim, NJ 08059

Happy Mails! Jo Ann

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