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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Things To Do - MayFest Smithville

In case you don't see the Sunday Courier Post, or if you do see it but missed the ad, Town of Histtoric Smithville is holding its 
MAYFEST - Saturday & Sunday, May 20 and 21st from 10 am to 5 pm.

Over 100 Juried Crafters will display their handiwork, and there will be food, rides, exhibits, and entertainment.

For more information call 609-652-7777 or visit:

Location is 1 North New York Rd., Smithville, Nj 08205
By the way, a follow-up on an unrelated story:  some time past, I believe I posted a story from Collingswooe's town newspaper, the Retrospect, about a South Pacific Islander who found a 1939 Audubon school ring on the beach.  The original owner's family was located.  The original owner had been in World War II which is how the ring got to the South Pacific.  

My father, too, had served in World War II, in the navy.  He had been in both the Pacific and the North Atlantic.  Just before he died, he had been reading a book about the Battle of Tassaferonga, which he had witnessed.  

In the Sunday Courier, there wa a follow up article in which Audubon High School sent a high school class ring to the Islander who had returned the lost ring.  I thought that was very thoughtful of them and a nice ending to that story.  My daughter's Audubon Class ring is in my jewelry box.  My own class ring from Merchantville is long lost.  

I liked this story especially in view of the upcoming Memorial Day holiday.  My Memorial Day family photo postcards have just been completed by Belia Copy Center, 1047 North Broadway, Woodbury, NJ.  I put my Mothers' Day design in just a bit too late to get them out for Mothers' Day, but I can send them next year.  The Memorial Day cards look wonderful and I am very happy to be able to honor the memory of my Grandfather Lyons (WWI), my father, Joseph Wright (WWII), and to show respect to my brother, Joe(US Marine Corps), who fortunately survived Vietnam and lives peacefully and happily in West Virginia.

To all who answered their country's call, ThankYOu for your Service, and to those who didn't come home, your memory lives on in our hearts!

Happy Trails!
Jo Ann

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