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Monday, July 3, 2017

Grandpop Wright's Deck Chair

One other item I forgot to write about in my previous post was my Grandfather Clyde Franklin Wright's Deck Chair.  He was a Merchant Seaman, as was my Mother's Grandfather William C. Garwood.  Clyde Franklin Wright traveled all over the world and brought home items from his man visits to foreign lands.  All that remains of his many souvenirs (they were cleared out of the house and disposed of when my Grandmother Mabel, his wife, was forced to go to Ocean City to care for her mother, Catherine Sandman Young, who had suffered a stroke) was his mahogany deck chair.

This chair almost perished too, when my parents retired and moved to West Virginia, but, with the help of a friend who worked at a local hardware store in Collingswood, I rescued the chair, all disassembled in the garage attic of my parents' home, and put the pieces together and  have the chair in my den.  It has to be disassembled to be moved through doorways as the writing desk arms are very wide, but I love it and I think of Clyde Franklin Wright's many years as a sea going sailor when I look at it.  I never met that ancestor as he was killed by a hit-and-run driver when my father was a child.

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