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Monday, November 22, 2010

Response from Ed Mauger of Philadelphia On Foot, and Assoc. Phila. Tour Guides

Dear JoAnn and Correspondents:
     Thanks for this info.  let me add DECK THE ALLEY, the annual holiday open house on Elfreth's Alley, from 4 to 7 pm, Saturday, December 4.  About a dozen of the residents open their decorated houses to the public: add carolers, refreshments, and Benjamin Franklin himself for a good time.  There's also a high-end colonial Christmas option, complete with carriage ride, reception at the mansion of Franklin's wine merchant and an  authentic 18th century feast at City Tavern.
     Reputedly America's oldest residential street (309 yrs. old), most of the half million yearly visitors miss the back story about the colonial residents - the effects of religious freedom in a colony with no heavy tax to support an established church: the Free African tailor moving in with his bride, the Jewish merchant who helped found Mikveh Israel, the French pirate who eventually became the richest man in America, the two women who ran their own successful business (and owned their own home at a time most rented).
   Philadelphia was "paradise for artisans and hell for preachers and politicians." 
    Check out the Elfreth's Alley website for full details.      
            Happy Thanksgiving.             Ed Mauger


  1. Ed, thanks for the update on a Philly event. I hope some history buffs will make it to see this fun event at the oldest residential street in the United States. Jo Ann

  2. Another event from a reader, Lee Anderson of Fort Mifflin:
    "Our re-enactment regiment is also having a holiday event next weekend.

    It is in the town of Salem on Saturday, December 4th from Noon to 6 Pm. There will be cooking in the 18th century style at the Garwood House and the artillery will play a key role and present a firing demonstration at dusk. Men will be stationed at some of the historic houses and chase Redcoat raiding parties. The event ends about 6 p.m. This is a rain or shine event. In mid-afternoon (about 2 Pm) there will be a skirmish to commemorate the original British attack across Fenwick Creek.

    It should be a very fun event and one the entire family would enjoy.



  3. Being a history buff I can not believe I have not been to Elferth's Alley