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Thursday, July 4, 2013

12 Revolutionary Events in Our part of the state of New Jersey

As most people who are interested in the Revolutionary War are well aware, though New England and Valley Forge have become famous for Revoltionary War events, our state was what many call The Cockpit of the Revolution.  Literally hundreds of battles and skirmishes took place in South Jersey.   But this should't be a competition.  There is more than enough history to be shared by everyone.  I jsut wish a greater light shown on the suffering and courage of the people of our state in this crucial period of our history.  I'm going to write an essay with a brief description of the events in the folowing list, but to celebrate  today, 4th of July 2013, I'm beginning by posting this list of a dozen historic Revolutionary War sites and events:

1.  The Tea Burning in Greenwich 1774
2.  The Battle of Red Bank ( which includes in the context of the fight for the Delaware River, the taking of     Billingsport.
3.  Pivateers in the Pines and the beginning of the end for Benedict Arnold
4.  The Battle of Chestnut Neck 1778
5.  Cornwallis in Woodbury 1777
6.  The Battle of Quinton's Bridge 1778
7.  The Massacre at Hancock's Tavern 1778
8.  The Hessians at White hill, Fieldsboro 1778
9.  The Battle of Iron Works Hill, 1778
10.The Battle of Gloucester Towne starring the Marquis de Lafayette 1777
11.The Indian King Tavern and Statehood 1777
12.Mad Anthony Wane's Cattle Drive from Salem County to Valley Forge winter '77/78

Now I'm off to walk the dog before the parade starts in my town.  When I have time, later, I'll finish a short essay describing the above, all of which are sites I have visited and you can too!  Another fun thing to do in South Jersey, especially in July to get in the spirit to celebrate the 4th.  I have always wanted to write that pamphlet length short description.  Enjoy the holiday and Happy Trails!  Jo Ann

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