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Thursday, July 25, 2013

18th C. Medicine Expert

Now here is a lady I'd like to hear speak again:  Nancy Webster.  I heard her in 2010 at the Hancock House Massacre Re-enactment, a very worthy event to attend.  I was trying to find out how to contact her because she was so extraordinary, I never forgot her.  All I could find so far (and great thanks to Alicia Bjornson for the info on her name which I had forgotton) was a short piece on another presentation she had done:
April 10, 2012
Visit the Hays House Museum in Bel Air Sunday at 1 p.m. and explore the health issues and illnesses that plagued 18th century women and children. Visitors will see a display of historic medical equipment and find out about herbal medicines, midwifery practices and Quaker contributions to medicine, surgery and dentistry. Your guide to the fascinating art and mystery of medical practices and theories of the time is Nancy Webster, a Past Masters history interpreter who has studied 18th century domestic life and Quaker material culture for more than 40 years.
So, this took place last year and the Hays House is in Bel Air, Maryland so I wouldn't have known about the presentation or been likely to attend at that distance, though she would have been worth the trip.  She was not only lively and colorful in her presentation, wh had such great gear - all kinds of authentic and genuine 18th century containers and implements.  I hope to be able to reach her at some point or find another place where she is presenting in THIS year 2013 or next 2014.  When I do, you'll hear from me.

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