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Monday, July 1, 2013

A Fun Thing for the 4th

I'm so glad to be able to post again.  Sadly, my computer got straightened out too late to post about the Joseph Bonaparte lecture, but I'm still in time to post this notice from the Indian King Tavern in Haddonfield:
9 A.M. TO 3 P.M.

I used to be a volunteer docent at the Indian King Tavern but I put all but the Whitall House and Gloucester County Historical Society Library aside to focus on my health   I had gotten so busy with all my 6 historic sites and volunteer work that I no longer did the daily walking, shopping for vegetables and fruits and salad preparation that I had done previously to maintain a healthy weight and physical fitness.  Now, I'm back to a nearly vegan diety, a yoga class, and half a day hiking in the woods with my dog Trixie every day, and a longer big woods hike once a week.  I'm feeling much better but I do miss my old friends and the beautiful old houses.  So, now, I just go as a visitor.

No walk today, we were all set and then the rain came down!  I thought of going anyway but the dog park is a sea of mud when we get a lot of rain.

My little house was hand built in the 1940's by a single man.  It is a small bungalow with one room for each purpose - one bedroom, a kitchen, living room, attic for storage, and a back room that I added that was alternately a  bedroom for my daughter, an office, a studio, and now is a guest room.  The house is all one floor (except the storage attic and the bathroom size basement which houses the heater, washer and dryer), but I have a lovely large yard.  The yard is pie shaped with a small triangular front and a back that borders 5 other yards. I have 18 big old trees, several maples, several pines I planted from root balled Christmas trees which survived, and lots of hollies and junipers.  I was born in 1945, at the end of the war and the house was built 2 years later, so we are almost the same age.  Both of these events, have, naturally given me some interest in World War Ii and that whole era.  

We used to have a World War Ii encampment in the summer at the Whitall House, but something happened, I think it involved money.  That was a lot of fun.

Well, glad to be back talking to you and glad my daughter was able to solve this vexing problem.  In case you missed the previous post- The problem was internet explorer, my browser.  Now I have Mozilla Firefox. 

By the way, one other thing about my house.  It was built on a landfill over a small stream, perhaps a tributary of Newton (which is nearby) or Timber Creek (also nearby).  When we get a lot of rain, the stream comes back to life in the basement.  Twice now, the sump pump that shifts it out of the basement and back to the underground rivers, has gone bad and I have been flooded.  This time, a new plumber came along and replaced it while some natural phenomena kept the water seeping out via the well where the dead sump pump once lived, so I didn't flood.

I have enlarged my text in case you, like me, are wearing reading glasses and struggling with the small type.

Happy trails!  Jo Ann

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