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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Big Timber Creek Dog Park in January (2014)

This morning I was standing on a hill overlooking Timber Creek which is thawing out after the freeze.  My dog was quietly exploring the ridge above where I was standing.  A bird began to sing and the church bells began to ring (I don't know why as today is Saturday) But the whole effect was so beautiful and comforting.

Walking my dog who is 4 years old today, according to her chart when I adopted her, is one of the most pleasurable things in my life.  She goes exploring alongside the trail and today I noticed her coat is exactly the same color as the dampened tree trunks in winter.  She is a mixed Labrador Retriever and Weimaraner (a German retriever breed).  She came from Animal Orphanage on Cooper Rd in, I think, Voorhees.  If you are a walker, as I am, and a woods person, there is no better friend than a dog.

The dog park area, fenced it - was all mud and giant puddles, so we kept to the bridle trails (left over from the Slimm's Horse Back Riding Ranch days) in the woods.  We didn't run into any other hikers today.  

Sorry I haven't visited any other interesting places recently or have any other 'history' news at present, but I thought it might be nice to talk about Timber Creek Park which is so important to my daily life.
Happy Trails,
Jo Ann

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