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Sunday, January 5, 2014

"Oh the humanity" the Hindenburg

Lounging around the house due to the weather day before yesterday,  I happened to catch the classic movie, The Hindenburg (1975) starring George C. Scott.  The TCM commentator mentioned that although it was nominated for several awards and seemed to be popular, it did not reach popular aclaim as a film.  I thought it was excellent and also very modern.  It strikes me that succeeded documentaries pretty much discount the bomb theory and go with the torn skin flap explanation of the crash and burn.  The movie seemed to lean heavily on the bomb theory.

It reminded me of driving out to the pines, in my teens, to see the wreckage when I was a teen in the 1960's.  I wasn't sure if it was a true memory or a made-up one (which I can get from time to time) so I asked my sister and she told me she, too, had been out to see the wreckage when she was a child with our father and mother!  She is only 49, so I guess it WAS still there.

Even on a day at home, if you are in New Jersey, there is history all around you.  I also saw the film American Hustle, which was set in New Jersey and built around the Abscam scandal which many of us remember, if not in detail, certainly in the names of the participants, in particular, Mayor Ericchetti.  It is an excellent film and I recommend it, although the amoral nature of the characters made me feel as though I had an oily film over my soul from contact with them.  

Happy Trails!  
ps.  I did get out to the woods today, to Big Timber Creek Dog Park which was nearly deserted, but I met another dog person and we had a great conversation and 4 laps around the park.  If you have a dog and want the dog to be happy and healthy, you've got to get those walks whenever you can, and before teh weather turns on you.  It was very pleasant in the park, I even had to take off my hat, mittens and scarf, it was so warm.
pss.  Does anyone remember The 2nd Fret?  wrightj45@yahoo.com

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