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Friday, January 3, 2014

Post-New Year's Day Freeze

You may be hardy travelers and perhaps you are visiting some interesting place today, but I am home, hibernating in this newest snow storm and not even attempting Timber Creek Dog Park (my daily walk) with my dog, Trixie.  I would, perhaps, have gone on the walk because my dog gets into mischief if she doesn't have her walk, but among the chores I'm trying to do today is the laundry with my long underwear in it.  Without the long underwear, I can't imagine hazarding that walk, so, tomorrow I'll give it a go.
For today, I am doing the aforementioned laundry, and taking down the Christmas decorations.  Each one is wrapped in memory.  There is the green stone star from my trip to Ireland with my daughter two decades ago, my ornaments from Germany 1969 to 1971, the Nuremburg Christmas Faire, ornaments made by friends from the Gloucester City Library the year my daughter was born, and ornaments she made for me when she was growing up.  One is a plastic 'stained glass' chapel that my sister, Maryann who resides in West Virginia,  painted for me one year when she was a child.  She bought the paint stained glass kits for her granddaughters this year to make tree ornaments.  Naturally it makes me kind of sad to look at them and think of the years gone by and the people who have passed out of my life.
I will hate to take down the lights because, as was intended, they do help to keep away the dark of the 'deep mid-winter drear.'  Nonetheless, it is best to start the new year off fresh and with the old holiday tucked safely away for the future, when, because it was away, it will be special all over again. 
Because I have been both busy with Christmas and family visits and gifts, and stuck indoors for weather, I haven't got any news for you about places to go or things to do, however, there is one lecture at the Lyceum in Burlington County that I'll be attending January 15th, on the payroll robbery and shooting at Atsion Mansion in the heyday of the ironworks.  I don't have any further info on that but you could look it up under Burlcohistorian.com or some variation on that.  I'm sure that link is in another posting of mine from the burlington County Roundtable, but the ornaments beckon and I must get back to work.
Happy New Year again!  Jo Ann

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