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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Fall Festivals

I suddenly sprang from bed tonight, hoping I hadn't missed the annual artisan's fair in Greenwich, NJ.  It seemed to me it often fell at the end of August.  As it happens, I was wrong and it is held in September.  It is a favorite day-trip event for me.  Aside from the beautiful and unique objects crafted by the artisans at the fair (including musical instruments, pottery, baskets, wood-worked things like burl wood bowls, and many other hand-crafted works of art) there is also music, and sometimes the Gibbon House is open for tours.  Just strolling down The Great Street is a treat in itself.  If you've never been there, you should go, but if it isn't during the fair, take your lunch with you!  There is a nice little local cafe' but it closes relatively early.  I like to walk from the Historical Society Library  parking area to the the Cohansey River and read all the historic markers on the charming houses.  The Great Street has my vote for the most charming street in South Jersey.  And the Historic Society Library has hospitable and helpful people as well as a house and street map you can buy for added information on the historic houses many of which date back to the 1700's, the time of the "Tea Burning" for which there is a monument.  If you get there on a day when the Prehistorical Museum is open, you are going to enjoy another Greenwich treat in the great number of handsomely mounted collections of Native American artifacts.  
(Keep this in mind - only two locations with a restroom, so if the Library and the museum are closed, you are out of luck until you get back to Bridgeton.)
You can have lunch at Hancock Harbor and boat marina if it is open, but don't count on it - best to pack a picnic just in case, and if you get lucky and the harbor is open, you can save the picnic and take it  back home.  

That is only one of many fall festivals in South Jersey's remaining farm region.  Here is a link with lots of information on others:  Happy Trails!  Jo Ann


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