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Monday, August 11, 2014

Purple Martin Migration at Bivalve and More

Just got back from Timber Creek Dog Park - Paradise for dogs and dog-loving people.  Met two fine young people there who just moved to NJ from North Carolina.  I was sorry I didn't have my 'card' on me because I wanted them to be able to access this blog so they could find lots of places to go and things to see in their new home!  Welcome Brandon and Shannon!  My e-mail is wrightj45Wyahoo.com.

Had an e-mail today from my friend Barbara Spector who is an animal shelter volunteer and a bird watcher, a hiker and all around nature-lover.  I told her I was going to post her Purple Martin Message, so here it is:

"Just got back from an unbelievable day.  Frank and I went to Millville, went to the Irish Pub on High St.   Very good veggie burger!  Then we drove to Port Norris and decided to follow the signs to Bivalve....there is a boat there called the Bodacious that goes out to see the Purple martin Migration.  It was so amazing to see the sunset on one side, the full moon on the other, a weather perfect night and then swarms and swarms of Purple Martins.  A naturalist was on the boat to talk about it and answer questions.  He said it was peak migration time, estimated close to a half million birds that we saw. Spectacular 
sight!!!!  It is absolutely something not to be missed.  There is one last boat going out next Friday night.  Call in advance for tickets as the boat sells out."  Barb

I wish I could join her but I'll be in Ocean City that day and don't think I can make it back in time.   You need to be there before 6:00 and it is an hour and a half drive from here and FRiday Night and seashore traffic.  Oh well, maybe next year.

I hope some of you can make it however! 

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