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Monday, August 24, 2015

Gibbon House Museum, Greenwich & More

Today, Monday, August 24, I spent a delightful day at Pakim Pond in Brendan Byrne Forest, hiking around the pond and admiring the cabins.  However, what I wanted to write about today is my trip yesterday to the Gibbon House Museum in Greenwich.

To be honest, I never set out to go to Greenwich, in fact, I was headed to Aldine to photograph a log cabin I passed there once a long time ago.  First I stopped for Moods Blueberry Pancakes at the Blue Plate Cafe in Mullica Hill, Yummmmmm!

I was traveling with a pal, Gail K.  and I mentioned Greenwich and she had never been there so we set the gps (though I know the route by heart) and set off.  What a glorious day for a drive in the country, though it was distressing to see how dry the corn fields were.  Along with the cool mornings, the browning of the corn has been another signal that autumn, my favorite season, isn't far off.  Through the fields and past the fine old farms we drove on the peaceful and mainly untraveled route 77 to Bridgeton, ver the little bridge, past the old church and cemetery, left turn, right turn and the long road to Greenwich.

We came in the back way which gave me a chance to take yet another photo of the Hicksite Quaker Meeting House, the Stone one room school, and the building that my have been the original school for African American children near Othello.  We made an honoring nod to Ambury Hill and the Civil War veterans buried there, then on down Ye Greate Street to the Gibbon House.

Our tour guide, Andrew, a historian, member of the Cumberland County Historical Society and student at Rutger's Camden, my own 2nd alma mater, gave us a superb tour.  He had the gift for the unusual fact, the interesting tidbit and avoiding the periol of the knowledgeable which is to tell more than the visitor may wish to hear.  He had exactly the right amount of information and a warm and friendly delivery.  I would say he was an OUTSTANDING tour guide.

All the upstairs rooms were open for this tour, so we saw the room devoted to the Ware Chair manufacture, the clothes from the Fithian ancestors, the toy room, the magnificent quilt collection, the Civil War Room and many things I haven't seen since my first museum tour many years ago.  Often during the Open House tours, the upstairs is closed.

Tomorrow, I will add photos to this entry but now, I must rest as my long drive and hike have tuckered me out!  I understand the museum is open Tuesday thrugh Sunday now, so you shoul go while you can.  And ask about new findings in regard to my FAVORITE of all log cabins!
Happy Trails,
Jo Ann

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