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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Jim Thorpe, Pa.

I know, this is called historic places South Jersey, but, sometimes, I just have to go to Jim Thorpe, Pa.  It is one of my favorite places in the world.  Fortunately, this time, a good friend of mine, Nancy, who lives in Westampton, a half hour from me and a half hour closer to Jim Thorpe, Pa., was willing to drive us there to spend the day.

Since it was the last weekend of August and the last weekend people had kids home from school, the traffic going to Pa., was meager, everyone was going to the shore.  Since I'm on that subject, Jim Thorpe is a great alternative to the seashore.  Think outside the box, folks!

It was glorious in Jim Thorpe and to my joy, it was filled with healthy families doing athletic and healthy things together, kayaking, Tubing on the Lehigh River, biking along the canal path, or hiking up Glen Onoko Falls.  We didn't do any of those things this trip, I'm not in that physical form these days, though I have hiked the falls in the winter and the summer and biked the path all 25 miles in my time.  I never boated on the river, though.

This time, we were lucky enough to be there on a day the trains were running, so we booked our tickets for the one hour and a half ride, then went to get lunch.  We ate at a historic house turned restaurant, the Albright Mansion, built circa 1860.  Albright is interesting in aany ways.  He was the prosecuting attorney agains the Molly Maguires, nine of whom were hanged.  To me, they are Labor heroes, to thers they were anarchists and criminals.  An interesting point is that after he died, Albright's house fell into the hands of the Molly Maguires defense attorney.  I think the prison is a Labor shrine and it makes me sad whenever I see it.  I've never been there on a day when it was open for tours, and this time, I forgot to look.

We enjoyed delicious locally grown tomatoes in a grilled sandwich called The Bloody Mary, with shoestring fries and coffee.  We walked around the charming streets, stopped in a few shops then headed to our train ride.  I'm like a child all over again when I ride the train! 

A final enjoyable experience was an art show in the Anita Shapolsky Gallery, formerly a Presbyterian Church.  Never having been a big fan of Abstract Art, I enjoyed the stained glass windows more than the art.  The windows were simply breathtaking.  They were among the most beautiful I have ever seen. 

It is well worth your time to take the drive and visit Jim Thorpe and this is a great time of the year for it!

Happy Trails,
Jo Ann

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