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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Batona Trail and More

Worry I missed the Bluegrass Fest at Woodstown this past weekend. I was supposed to go but plans changed and I ended up having lunch at Curtin's Wharf in Burlington, and it was the last day.  They are closed for the season now.

Today I hiked just a little bit on the Batona Trail, maybe half a mile, but all the way around Pakim Pond.  It was just so hot!  It is part of my 70 miles in 70 days project.  I ran into a Batona Trail through hiker, but I didn't want to make him stop to chat, I only asked if he was doing the Batona and he said he was and that so far, so good.  It was awfully hot today, even in the woods.  The temperature was 95.

On September 13th from 3:00 to 5:00, check out the Art Exhibit of phtograps by Al Horner and paintings by Terry Schmidt at Medford Memorial Center, 21 S. Main St., Medford, NJ.  Both artists focus on the beauty of the Pinelands and you may have seen their work or even met them at LINES ON THE PINES, the annual event that celebrates culture, arts and artists of the Pinelands.  

Camden County Fair will be held at Camden County College, Blackwood, NJ, September 19th nd 20.  I've never gone, so I can't give an opinion, but they advertise music, magic, and all sorts of food and fun.  If you are looking for something to do that wekend, you may want to try it out.  

Next time I have the time and energy, I'd lke to talk a little about the history of the Batona Trail, the Batona Trail Club, and the Outdoor Club of South Jersey.  Those two organizations created and maintain the trail and I know the Outdoor Club hikes the trail on a regular basis.  There are a dozen places to get on and off and perhaps in my next post, I can go into that a bit more.   I've4 seen the trail at Batsto, Pakim Pond, Bass River, and a few other places but I've never hiked any significant distance on it, no more than a couple miles at a time.  It is 53 miles long and runs from Bass River State Park through Brendan Byrne and Wharton.  There is a great deal of information at  the Brendan Byrne Ranger Office.  I picked up 5 brochures and trail maps.  
Happy Trails (And don't forget to go see A Walk in the Woods, the REdform movie based on the book by Bill Bryson)
Jo Ann 

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  1. Just saw a Walk in the Woods this weekend, enjoyed it! It didn't follow the book well, but these movies never do. The buddy aspect was particularly well played up.

    Any walk on the Batona is a good walk. I've thru-hiked it twice now, once before the reroute and once after. It's a very different way to see the pines.