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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Thank You Tom Wolfe at Pakim Pond

Yesterday when I hiked at Pakim Pond with my dog, Trixie, I had stopped to take a photo of two frolicking deer, and apparently that's where I dropped my expensive prescription glasses.  My eyesight has grown progressively worse over the past few years and I needed prescription glasses to drive.  Last night, I decided I would drive back this morning and see if I could find my lost glasses.  The eyesight problem, by the way, is why I put the text in a larger size.  

This morning I stopped at the Ranger Office on my way to the pond to drop off a card with my name in case anyone might turn in the glasses and THERE THEY WERE!  I said I wished I could thank the ranger who had found them and turned them in.  The lady at the counter said his name was Tom Wolfe.

When I got to the pond some fellows were clearing brush from the fences.  I asked one if his name was Tom Wolfe and it was so I got to thank him in person.  He said he had found them where the fence meets the sand road, and that was where I had stopped to take a picture of the deer.  He said the deer were around there a lot.  I asked if hunting was allowed there and he said it was not.  What a relief.

He said the three deer had been there since they were orphaned little fawns.  

When Trixie and I got back from hiking around the pond, I wanted to give Tom Wolfe a copy of my book, White Horse Black Horse, but he had already gone, so I gave it to another fellow along with a copy for himself.  

It is so encouraging in this world to find people who are thoughtful and kind and go the extra step to help someone out.  From now on, I will be more careful with my glasses and tomorrow I will post a photo of Tom Wolf patting Trixie. 

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