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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Over the Moon about Under the Moon - Great Lunch in Bordentown

On Friday, February 19, two friends and I had decided to make a day of it in Bordentown, one of my favorite towns to visit.  We had looked on the internet for places to eat, but decided to just go there and see what we might find.  As we strolled along Farnsworth, the main street, we saw a pair of charming windows decorated in vintage furnishings.  We checked the posted menu and the variety and novelty of th choices made up our minds for us.  

It is fortunate when we find a restaurant that has both vegetarian and non vegetarian options.  On this day, my two friends were not vegetarian, but I am.  I was surprised and pleased to find an item I had always wondered about but never had the opportunity to try before, tapas.

Our food was delicious.  The one thing all three of us ordered was cream of kale soup.  Delicious!  Nancy had fish tacos and Gail had a burger.  I had patata brava tapas and I found them delicious.  I would strongly recommend Under the Moon if you are heading to Bordentown.  
210 Farnsorth Avenue, Bordentown, NJ 609-291-8301   underthemooncafe.com

Wonderful decor, very charming, great staff and an interesting array of options.  
Cafe Hours are Mon. - Thurs. 11am-9pm,
Fri., & Sat. 11 am to 10 pm.  Sunday 10 - 8 and  prices are very reasonable.


One of the places I like to visit in Bordentown is the Clara Barton School.  As many history buffs are aware, most education in the 1700-s and into the 1800's was conducted in the home by mothers and sometimes by hired tutors.

Children of families with more modest means often were illiterate and received no education.  Into the 1800's, people often pooled their money and hired tutors for a group of children, usually from the more prosperous class of citizens.  In Bordentown, Miss Barton was hired to teach these children, but she eventually convinced the citizens to put more money into it and allow all the children to learn.

After she had established schooling for 500 children, the administrators decided to hire a man to put in a position of authority over Miss Burton, passing her over for this post of Superintendent.  She was so disappointed and insulted that she left, to work as a volunteer in the Civil War, in the hospitals and then later, gathering names and addresses to contact families of wounded and deceased soldiers.  Of course, she went on to found the Red Cross.

In my next post, I will talk about the wonderful presentation I attended at the Moorestown Community Center on Alice Paul, Mount Laurel native, and the struggle for women to win the right to vote.  It is a very appropriate topic both for March and for the period we are in when politics and the run for the Presidency of the United States are on all our minds!

Happy Trails
Jo Ann

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