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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Things To Do - Main Street Art

On the day I attended HEAR MY VOICE, the Alice Paul presentation at the Moorestown Community Center, I had stopped for lunch at Maritza's in Maple Shade, a place I strongly recommend for very good food at very reasonable prices!  It is a popular place, too, always a good sign.  Since I was early to meet my old junior high school friend, Chris, I strolled along Main Street and visited the shop of an old college pal.  Diane Paul Hackett and I had attended Rutgers, the State University, graduating in1981.  I was older because it was my second college degree.  We studied Art and for some time afterwards visited and shared our new projects, then, as often happens, we moved, got married or, as in my case, divorced, and lost touch. 

Diane opened Main Street Art, 18 East Main Street Maple Shade, NJ. and there you can explore and discover a number of different forms of art, jewelry, sculpture, and of course painting.  She hosts Art parties for young and old, larger and smaller groups, and it is also a great place for your children to develop their interests in art.    You can reach her at 856-979-5356, and www.mainstreetartnj.com.  It is also an excellent place to find that unique gift for someone with a special occasion!

As I have often mentioned, I began this blog back some years, around 2007, I think, when I was promplted by my many retired friends who were looking for places to go and things to do.  At that time, I was very invested in several volunteer efforts, Bayshore Discovery, in Bivalve, Whitall House at National Park, and Paulsdale, in Mount Laurel.  I was also working for Camden County Historical Society.  Since then, I have retired from those and other volunteer experiences and spend my time reading, exploring, hiking, making art and visiting with my many friends.  I hope these blog posts have given any of you searching for fun things to do and places to visit, both inspiration as well as destination!

Happy Trails!
Jo Ann 

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