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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Same Day, Another topic - Preserving the Pine Barrens

I wanted so much to express my sorrow over the 2016 scheduling of the demolition of the Huggs/Harrison/Glover House, but I also wanted to share my joy in the irreplaceable treaure we share in our Pinlands Reserve.  Today I hiked with two friends at Goshen Pond.  How beautiful to be in the woods again; the sand roads had absorbed all the water from the recent rains and the melted snow and gave us a fine, hard, clean surface to hike upon.

Last Sunday in the Courier Post, page 20A, Section VOICES, there was a cemmentary by Albert Horner, well known and highly respected photographer, who has recently had a book published by Plexus, of Pinelands photographs.  His Commentary entitled, "Public Land Must Be Protected From Off-Road Vehicles' Misuse"  brings public attention to another kind of destruction by those same kind of ignorant people who destroy our landmark buildings.  Thrill seeking out-of-state motor clubs destroy our roads, streams and the tranquility and beauty of our lands, crushing and destroying the rare plants and animal habitat in their path.  I believe Albert Horner has a web site and/or blog on this topic which you should visit for more information.  I am deeply grateful to him and other warriors for our shared natural heritage, who continue to fight the good battle against the ignorance and destructiveness of the thoughtless invaders who seek only to destroy.

Pinelands Preservation Alliance also works tirelessly to acquaint people with our national treasure, and to conserve it.  Also, I would like to thank all of the volunteers and good people who give their valuable time as volunteers at hsitoric places in the Pine Barrens, such as Atsion, and Batsto.  These are wonderful places to visit and bring your family members for picnics and to share the beauty.

Happy Trails!
Jo Ann


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