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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Flat Trails for Hiking

It occurred to me the other day, when I was hiking the Maurice River path in Millville, that I should mention both that trail and the Canal Path in Bordentown as excellent places to hike if you are avoiding ups and downs and tick season.  

I have knee trouble which waxes and wanes along with treatment and exercise, so I appreciate a nice flat paved trail.  In the center of the city of Millville, is the River walk, cross the river to the south side and the trail goes on for a good 3 or so miles.  I've never walked to the end of it by friends have.  I am generally limited to about 2 miles these days.
Oh, bor the days when I was in the 1000 mile club of the Outdoor Club.  It would have been nothing for me to walk 7 miles in a day, but those days are over and 3 miles is a good workout for me.

The Bordentown Canal path is straight through town on Farnsworth, down to the lower level when the road divides.  You go through a walled section of road, turn right and park, then you can see the bridge and the trail.  I don't know how long this trail is either but it is clear and although not paved, well trod and free of brush.  

Today, I enjoyed a visit with my favorite place on  earth, Pakim Pond.  The waters were gurgling cheerfully and from all directions, filling the pond back up after its freeze up of winter.  The rangers dismantled the beaver dam and the water hurries through like a chatting stream of commuters.  The glassy watershed is draining off and refreshing Pakim Pond, and the carnivorous plants are back.  The colonies had dried up during the autumn drought, but they are popping up through the earth now.

Happy Trails!  
Jo Ann

ps.  A truly excellent acoustic concert was enjoyed by the denizens of Bogart's Book Store in Millville.  The Musician was John, the Medicine Man, a beautiful voice, wonderful guitar playing and a stellar repertoire of covers of songs by artists such as Neil Young,and Linda Rondstat.  Bogarts will be moving, but only up the street a few stores, so if you stop in for a coffee after your hike, and find them gone, just ask around or wander up the street half a block and you should find them re-installed in their new digs.

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