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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Three "Pleasntries" in One - Places and Thing - including Trains

Yesterday, I went to Point Pleasant with a friend who lives a little North of here, Westampton to be precise.  I had never been there before but I can tell you I have found a new favorite place, though it is a far drive for me.  It worked out well for us, because my friend lives a half hour drive from me, and so I drove to her house and she drove to Point Pleasant.  We walked along the main street of the town and looked in all the shops.

My favorite shop was The Train Room, 715 Arnold Avenue, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742, 723-892-5145

They had a very nice set-up in the window which drew us inside.  They have n, ho, and o gauge railroad supplies and they had a flyer for a BIG train exhibition at the InfoAge Science Center, Saturdays and Sundays throughout December, 2201 Marconi Rd., Wall, NJ (Route 18 exit 7-A) www.InfoAge.org   The Gardent State
 Central Railroad Club is presenting the exhibit.  I hope I can go!.

Speaking of the Holidays, A presentation I always wanted to make for Family History buffs, and historical societies, was WHAT TO DO WITH THOSE PHOTOS AND MEMORIES.  However, I don't do presentations anymore, so I will do a brief summary here as I plan to execute one of my ideas this year and already did two or three in years past.  

This year I am going to make family photo postcards.  I have family pictures from the 1940s and 1950s that I would like to make into holiday cards to send to friends and relatives, so I stopped in at my all time most favorite and most useful copy center, BELIA Copy Center in Woodbury.  I was informed that the designer charges a one-time fee of $80 to design the card then you pay $20 for, I think it was 50 or 100 cards.  I have two photos of my brother and I visiting Santa in Philadelphia in 1955 that I want to use this year.

Last year, I took one photo each for every family member that I had a photo of, scanned them and arranged the scans  into a family tree chronology collage from 1868 to the present, then took it to Belia where it was scanned and printed into a poster.  I found five inexpensive ($5 each) frames in yard sales during the summer, but also supplemented with poster frames from Walmart at about $20 a frame, and gave one family photo collage to each sibling (4) and my daughter plus a few nieces and nephews that expressed interest in the project.  I typed and printed a key and pasted it on back.  

The year before, I scanned and printed then created scrapbooks for my daughter's 30th Birthday and another for my sister's 50th Birthday.  Since I am the only one who does this kind of thing, I created one for myself for my 70th birthday last year.  

A friend of mine has an Art Studio and perhaps I will suggest to her that I would do a one time only presentation on this topic as I would like to do something to promote the spread and continuation of family history, which is such an important subject for me.

Finally:  In Christmas 2016 issue of Early American Life, a long-time favorite magazine of mine, I found this interesting piece of historical information:  On page 73 there was a re-print of a 1909 photo postcard "the invention of the relatively inexpensive box camera in 1888, coupled with the popularity of photo postcards that met postal regulations, enabled families to record and share special events with distant relatives."

Happy Trails and Happy Memories!
Jo Ann


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