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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Whitesbog concert and film Satuday September 17, 2016

It isn't often my life intersects with my daughter, Lavinia's life, but as I may have mentioned, among her many talents and career pursuits, she is a filmmaker.  She and Alex Steirmark made a film called The 78 Project a few years back which I viewed at both the Library of Congress and the International House at UPenn. 

A friend of hers has recently completed a film on the Pinelands and it will debut tonight at Whitesbog.  Lavinia was to go with me, but at the last minute, her film got scheduled at another festival so she had to cancel out an another friend is taking her place.

David Kessler is the filmmaker and he spent about 3 years on the film.  He interviewed a friend of mine about the impact of the State of New Jersey on the people known as The Pineys.  A group of us joined her for the filming and we are all going to the show tonight.

The show which is also featuring a concert is sold out, but I suppose there is always a chance for a last minute cancellation if you put your name on a wait list or just show up and ask.  In fact I may leave before the film because I just found out the concert is at 5:00 and the film at 8:00 and as I can't see well, I am not happy about driving home after it is dark in the pines.

Happy Trails!
Jo Ann

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