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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Upcoming Events in the History World and nearby

From Crossroads of the AMerican Revolution, to which I have subscribed, here are two local events worth noting.  I have been to many events at Burrough Dover in Pennsauken, and spoken many times to Robert Fisher Hughes, who is also instrumental in the Griffith-Morgan House in Pennsauken, where they also have open house events during the year.  I won't get to the Burrough Dover event this year because my brother will be up for his birthday that day, but if I were free, I would go.
Also, I want to applaud the efforts of Gary Stone from Momouth Battlefield and the other people who work for us all to save and disseminate our history through the Crossroads effort.  
We had more happen in New Jersey than in any other state and yet, we do not have a publicity awareness that makes the rest of the colonies aware of it, nor do we have the awareness to save what we have as witnessed by the Harrison House conflict off Browning Rd. in Bellmawr and the loss of the Railroad Museum up near Browns Mills.  
Keep our History Alive!  Share the news!
September 17 - Fall Festival at the Burrough-Dover House in Pennsauken. Tour a 300 year-old stone house and enjoy country music! 12 noon to 4:00 p.m. More information

September 18 - War Comes to the Whitall House in National Park. Hearth cooking, battlefield tours and more at the site of the Battle of Red Bank. 12:00 noon. More information.

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