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Sunday, March 19, 2017

New Winter 2016/17 Sojourn EXCELLENT!! Whites bog Lecture On Eliz White EXCELLENT too!

What a wonderful day!  It began with a drive to Whitesbog to hear the lecture on Elizabeth White and her contribution to the early development Four Mile Colony, later Lebanon Residential Center for Disabled Adults.  

I am sorry I didn't catch Albertine's last name but she was introduced, I think, as Whitesbog's Archivist.  Anyway, her power point supported lecture on Elizabeth White's involvement with several reform efforts, and the context provided by Albertine in regard to efforts to assist needy children in that time (late 1800's and early 1900's) was most informative.  

I went with one of my hiking buddies, who was especially interested as she worked as a special ed teacher early in her career, later, as a school counselor.  She had begun to read, and then abandoned, a non-fiction book by a former inmate at the Lebanon Colony;  it was too hard to read because of the cruelty the author had to endure while a child there.

The Whitesbog Preservation Trust newsletter , 4th quarter 2011 has a cover story on this topic.  

The ten person audience was an intelligent and informed one, and the lecture was given in Suningive, Elizabeth White's former home and office.  

After the lecture, we took my Lab, Trixie on a nice hike around the always glorious bogs under a china blue sky and in sparkling fresh air.

Then, when I got home my new issue of SoJourn had arrived.  I hadn't expected it till Monday.  What a treat!  And What an ISSUE!  This one is all I had hoped it would be - really timely and interesting essays and a great variety.  I immediately read the very well written essay on Margaret Meade and Hammonton.  This issue is a real keeper and I plan to buy more as gifts to friends who also love the history, geography and culture of South Jersey.  Well Done!  I recommend that any of you reading this blog, buy this journal.  As I said, I got it from amazon.com.  The cover is gorgeous.  

Hope your day was as good as mine!
Happy Trails,
Jo Ann

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