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Friday, March 10, 2017

update on Whitesbog Event Mar.19

I looked it up and didn't find info on their website but did find it on their Facebook which is much more up to date so I recommend ou go there to find out more.

Also I wanted to say that there are 2 Wawa stores nearby, one on 70 and one on the circle (can't remember if it is the first circle or the 2nd, but I think it is the 2nd at 72) so you could buy lunch, (or pack lunch) and hike around the cranberry bogs at Whitesbog on the day you go to the program.  It is a wonderful way to spend the day, I have done it countless times, it is one of my all time favorite places to go in the Pines and in New Jersey

Happy Trails!
Jo Ann
ps. found a lot on forest bathing by simply googling it.  Get healthy! Hike and forest bathe.

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