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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Indian King Tavern Music of Christmas Dec.4, 2010

Yesterday I volunteered as a tour guide at the Indian King Tavern for their special Open House featuring the Music of Christmas which was WONDERFUL!  The Tavern was decorated by the Haddonfield Garden Club and every room was beautifully festive.  The music in bar room was provided by the Cheat Mountain Boys.  One of them, David E. Field, I've met before at other historic events such as the Greenwich Tea Party in the autumn of the year.  At Greenwich, they hold a festival, perhaps it is in September, featuring dozens of arts and crafts vendors in the yard around the historic Gibbon House.  I met David E. Field there and he talked about the instruments he crafts, Appalachian Dulcimers, 5 String Banjos and Celtic Harps.  You can reach him at defield@verizon.net

One of theother musicians gave me his card as well.   Steve Krupsky on the Clawhammer Banjo.  His card is Well & Good, Old-Time Music and his contact is skrupsky@snip.net.  So if you are looking for music, contact either of these men and you'll have it.  They play at a coffee house in Audubon on the 2nd Friday of the month, also.  I don't have the name of the coffee house but I have the web site for the musicians which is http://www.folkjam.org/.

The musician who played in the Assembly Room was Rich Carton on the Hammered Dulcimer.  Periodically, he came down and played with the other group as well.  No one every had more fun doing a volunteer day than I had that day.  The visitors were delighted, the house was filled with music and the smell of hot spiced cider, and everywhere you looked there was green holiday beauty. 

The Indian King Tavern will be opened other nights this month.  For information call 856-429-6792 or look back in my posts.  I think I posted their other dates this month. 

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